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The Qama (Turkish: Kama) alternately spelled Quama and known as Kina in the Caucasus and a Kama in Georgia, is a type of long and wide double edged fighting knife or short sword, native to Circassia and neighboring regions in the Caucasus.[1] The Qama was traditionally carried by the cossacks adopting it from the Circassians and is referred to as the "Cossack dagger", and commonly as the Kindjal in Russia and the Ukraine. It resembles the Roman gladius in form and the Scottish Dirk.

The revolutionary calculator that shows the answer only when you also enter a suitable mental estimate. QAMA

With QAMA as the student's regular calculator and used exclusively, calculations can no longer be performed without involving the head and the proper comprehension of the ingredients. As expected, its effects on performance and, more importantly - understanding, are phenomenal.





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